don't overthink it.

Listen carefully.

YANA has made recordings of their music available on CD for five years. But this is the only one that hasn't been recorded in a live setting. There are NO CDs left.

You can buy don't overthink it on Bandcamp.

All About Jazz liked it very much, and so did Jazzwise (a lovely write-up in the May edition, and four stars).

If you were waiting for the CD to be released before you bought the music, you are too late. But you can still download it.

overthink isn't actually a word {yet}. It should be over-think. What matters is the context and meaning of the word. In the same way, we just want you to listen to and enjoy our music. There is more music.

Thanks to

Embrace Arts, Chris Trent, Catherine Arnold, Juliet Kelly, Vuyani Ndlovu, all at Jazz re:freshed, Mal Woolford, Martin Pyne, Carol Garrison, Han-earl Park, Graham Lee, Walt Shaw, Jon Turney, Cevie Dubesky, Otto Fischer, Chris Plumley, Robert Mitchell, Dave Manley, Deborah Jordan, Daniel Spicer, Laura Cole, Bruce Lindsay, Chris Sharkey, Jake Beamish, Alexander Hawkins, Owen Keenan, Andy Champion, Melanie Marshall, Nat Birchall, and the Families Blackmore, Kane and Mwamba; as well as all fans and well-wishers along the way.